Booster Club Membership

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Thank you for your continuing support.  In order to guarantee seating, please return this form with your payment by October 15, 2016.  A Booster Membership will guarantee FREE entry to all regular season home games, including regular season tournaments. This also allows you to have complimentary reserve parking at the Bess Activity Center.


____ Adult Membership Season Pass ($50 each)

____ Family Membership (Includes 2 Adult passes and passes for children under the

          Age of 18 ($125 each)                       

____ Reserved Seating (Bleacher seats Additional $50 per seat)

____ Reserved Seating (Cushion seats Additional $75 per seat)

____ Reserved parking hangers needed


***If you have questions about any of the fees listed above please call Don or Pat or see us at any Raider event.***


_______________ Total Dues                         _____________Assigned Pass Numbers 

  (Booster Club Use)


Reserved seating has been returned to the Booster Club.  We can offer bleacher seating or Chair cushion seating.  If you have reserved seats that you would like to keep for the upcoming year, please list them in the appropriate space below. Please refer any questions about reserved seating to Don Crandell 785-4028

 or Pat Kelley 718-9248 (after 6pm)


**We ask for your patience during the transition period hopefully we can make this as seamless as possible. **


Bess Activity Center Sec_____ Row(s) _______ Seat(s) _______


                       Please check to keep same reserved seats as last year. 


**If anything has changed with your address please make the appropriate changes. **


Name: _____________________________Phone: ______________


Address: _______________________________________________


Email: _________________________________________________


City: __________________________ State: _____ Zip: _________


Please remit payment to: PO Box 790 Poplar Bluff, MO 63902-0790


****Would you like to be a candidate for the Booster Board? ___Yes ___No